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Articles of Interest

In: The Pizza Blueprint 
On: 05 April 2020

Easy Buffalo Chicken Pizza

What a spicy delight! This buffalo chicken pizza is a meal those who love spicy food cannot miss. It doesn't just have a nice and hot buffalo sauce, it also has blue cheese and Monterey...

In: The Pizza Blueprint 
On: 30 March 2020

Broccoli, Kale, Chili & Hazelnut Pizza

This is an interesting pizza recipe. It features some unusual greens, but there's also a neat spicy touch all over it, thanks to the chili. This is a broccoli and kale pizza with a new...

In: The Pizza Blueprint 
On: 29 March 2020

Apple and Hazelnut Pizza with Sultanas and Cinnamon

Most recipes that have fruit on pizza are a sweet, sweet delight. This one in particular has a special kind of flavor, thanks to the smart use of ingredients to complement the apple. This apple...