Al Pastor Taco Pizza

Tacos are another beloved food. Probably not as much as pizza, but it comes close. Many of the ingredients used in taco can be used on pizza as well, with good results. This here is a particularly interesting recipe, bringing you a kind of taco pizza that’s unlike the other recipes we have linked so far. So, what makes it stand out among the rest? The preparations!

Al pastor pork is a kind of marinated pork meat. As such, it’ll take hours to be ready for further preparation — which is why, if you decide to make this recipe, you should let it marinate overnight. The minimum amount of time it needs is four hours, though. Once the pork has been thoroughly marinated, you’ll be able to continue the recipe, with great results. The taste of the al pastor pork is noteworthy!

Molly Yeh brings this recipe, full of warm memories. You can read it in her website, right over here.

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