Kimchi Pizza

Do you know what’s kimchi? These are fermented vegetables, usually found in eastern countries such as Korea and Japan. Knowing these, are you willing to try it on pizza? It’s certainly worth trying! Here’s a recipe for kimchi pizza! Additional to the kimchi you also will experience the creamy flavor of cheese, and have the…

Lemon Arugula Pizza

This recipe covers the dough with so much arugula you won’t believe! If you like veggies, then this recipe is certainly worth trying. This arugula pizza will be so good you’ll want to make it again! The key for this recipe is to balance the arugula with other flavors, and that’s where the cheese and…

Vegan Eggplant Pizza

Photo credit: Ola Waggen

Being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy foods like pizza. All you need to do is get creative and look for delicious recipes. This one is worth trying, it uses eggplants as its main ingredient. Some people say eggplant can only be enjoyed with cheese, that eggplant by itself is no good, but this recipe…

Vegan Pizza

Photo credit: Allison Belen

It’s impossible to call a single recipe ‘the vegan pizza’. There are countless variations, countless combinations of ingredients that could be used. Not only that, the dough and the tomato sauce used can vary too. Some especially creative people can make versions of ‘cheese’ out of ingredients you wouldn’t expect, and use them on pizza….