Vegan Ranch Dressing

While our regular ranch dressing could be considered vegetarian, it’s not compliant with the vegan lifestyle. How to make a vegan version of a sauce that relies on milk to make it? Find out right here, with this vegan ranch dressing recipe for your pizza! It’s an unavoidable truth you’ll need a substance to form…

Red Pepper Lentil Bologneise Sauce

Usually the sauce you use on pizza must be thick, without any ingredients that are too noticeable or large. This is an exception to that rule — and what an exception it is! A lentil bologneise sauce! You can actually feel the lentils in the sauce, as it’ll give it quite the texture and thickness….

Easy 1-Pot Marinara Sauce

Sometimes you may have the craving to use something new and different on your pizza. Why to limit yourself to the same old tomato sauce? Why not try something new? Marinara sauce is a good option, in that case! And with this recipe, you only need one single pot to make a nice marinara sauce….

Vegan Parmesan Cheese

This is an alternative to parmesan cheese, made with cashews. This vegan parmesan cheese can be used as a replacement for parmesan cheese in any of the recipes using that ingredient, and it goes especially well with the vegan pizza recipes! Making this cheese is rather easy, all you need is cashews, yeast, and a…