Cheezy Tortilla Pizza

Nothing like having a pizza on a tortilla shell instead of a normal pizza crust! As usual, tortilla pizza usually have a few differences than normal recipes, since you have to take into account tortilla shells tend to be much thinner. That shouldn’t be a problem, though! All you need to do is follow a recipe specifically made for working with tortilla shells and you will be set.

That’s what this recipe is for. The ingredients are interesting choices, resembling those you’d find in, for example, tacos and other recipes usually made with tortillas. Cheese sauce, avocado, and beans feature here — and you can even give it your own homemade touch by making the cheese sauce by yourself! The recipe you will find linked over there has a vegan cheese recipe, in case you’re interested.

The website is called Oh She Glows, and you can find the recipe right here!