Chipotle BBQ and Sweet Chili Pineapple and Jalapeño Pizza with Bacon

That’s quite the long title, isn’t it? But it shows rather well what ingredients are in this recipe. In general you could say it’s a pineapple jalapeño pizza, but we can’t forget the rest of the ingredients!

Still, the sour sweetness of the pineapple and the bold spiciness of the jalapeños are quite the combination! They can be rather tricky to balance, so the kind of flavor on your pizza doesn’t skew too hard towards an end of the sour/spicy spectrum, but as long as you stick to the amounts indicated in the recipe you should be okay. Besides, the rest of the ingredients help balance these flavors, so there’s that too. You will be just fine!

The recipe is right here, at Tieghan‘s website ‘Half Baked Harvest‘. Enjoy your meal!