Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza

Sometimes you’re in the mood of eating chocolate chip cookies — and really, 90% of the population is in that mood at almost all times of the day. Who turns their nose to chocolate chip cookies? That’s what this recipe is for: this chocolate chip cookie pizza will solve that craving.

In a way you could say this recipe is more akin to a giant chocolate chip cookie than to a pizza. There are vital differences, though: the way the dough is made guarantees the pizza can be taken around without it breaking apart. There’s more flexibility to the dough, and it’s thicker than a cookie. Given these qualities, it really is closer to pizza than cookies.

As usual, pay the utmost attention to the quantity of the ingredients, and keep in mind replacing a kind of sugar with another is not a good idea. Baking can be a tough beast to tackle!

The recipe is at Sally’s Baking Addiction, right here!

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