Crispy Fried Pizzas

Frying your pizza may sound like a rather unhealthy thing to do, and the first thing it brings to mind could be a greasy, oily and crusty meal that’s worse than it sounds. Good thing that’s all mistaken! Fried pizza isn’t like that!

But as usual, it all depends on how it’s made. When made correctly, frying the dough instead of baking it right away can be quite rewarding. It’s not like you’ll fry the entire thing, toppings and all, you only fry the dough on the stovetop, and then after you place the toppings, you bake it all in the oven. Frying the dough takes from half a minute to a whole minute, in no time you’ll have a nice, pleasantly crispy crust that’ll be a great base for your pizza.

Lindsay from Pinch of Yum is the mind behind this great recipe. Take a look here!