Deep Dish Pizza with Arugula

Skillet pizzas are an interesting meal to make. Instead of using baking sheets, you place everything inside a skillet, using that to give shape to the pizza. Here’s a good recipe you can try, to get some experience with making pizzas with that method. Time for a deep dish pizza!

The recipe proposed here has red onions, jalapeños, cheese, asparagus, and bell pepper. It also uses marinara sauce — sauce you could make yourself at home instead of using a store-bought product! Our marinara sauce recipe will do the trick. This pizza recipe is full of flavor and is likely to make your night, that’s for sure! The author at Cookie and Kate also says this is a nice and filling meal, so not only it’ll be delicious, it will also be sating. What else can one ask from a pizza? This is perfect!

Read the recipe right here!

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