Easy Avocado Tortilla Pizzas

If there’s something that goes great together, it’s avocado and tortillas. To some people it may bring to mind tacos and other food that involve spreading or adding guacamole onto them to add flavor and spice. This recipe? It doesn’t have guacamole per se — it’s avocado pulp, without seasonings or spice. The flavor comes from the toppings! They’re what make these avocado pizzas great.

The ingredients are quite nice: beans, mushrooms, cabbage. It makes for a quite filling meal. Of course, you’re not forced to use those exact toppings — as usual, the wonder of pizza is how flexible it is. Use whatever toppings you’d like! The only hard condition you have to meet for this recipe to work is that you need to use tortillas as your pizza crust, and spread avocado into them. Those are the keys to a good avocado tortilla pizza, no doubt.

You’ll find all the details here at Healthy Happy Life by following Kathy Patalsky‘s recipe. High quality food for you, following this link!

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