Easy Vegan Alfredo Sauce

Alfredo sauce can go on pizza, don’t doubt it. Contrary to what many think, it’s all about applying it on the right recipe. Alfredo sauce goes great on white pizzas! Not a bit of tomato here, and it’ll give your pizza the nice, creamy white this kind of pizza is known for. This particular recipe is vegan, so in no time you’ll have a nice vegan alfredo sauce made with cashews.

All dairy has been replaced with vegan alternatives. All milk is now milk obtained from plant sources — in this particular case it’s almond milk. To get the best results you should use that kind too! All cheese has been changed to cashews, as mentioned before. This helps give the sauce the creamy texture this kind of sauces are known for, and goes great with most pizza crusts. Add some nutmeg and garlic, and you get a delectable alfredo sauce that follows the vegan lifestyle!

When it’s about vegan food, you should consult those who specialize in vegan recipes. That’s why Emese and Nandi at My Pure Plants are a good choice. Read their recipe here!

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