Garlic Scape & Morel Mushroom Pizza with Turnips and Bacon

Morel Mushroom Pizza

Almost everything about this recipe is unusual. You use the leaves of turnips, you use garlic scape, you use morel mushrooms. The bacon may be the only main ingredient that may be considered ‘common’. But! This pizza is definitely worth it. Take the time to find the ingredients so you can try this morel mushroom pizza!

Perhaps a clarification is in order: the garlic scape and the turnip greens are for making a pesto sauce that goes great with this pizza. You could use the usual basil pesto instead, but the taste may be different than intended. The recipe also proposes arugula as an alternative to turnip greens, which is a good idea, if you need a substitute. The stringy morel mushrooms can be replaced with any other kind of mushrooms if you so desire, but we recommend you try this recipe with the intended morel mushrooms. It’s great!

You can find the recipe for the turnip greens pesto and the pizza toppings right here at Dishing Up the Dirt. It’s all thanks to them!

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