No-Knead Pizza Dough

Isn’t it wonderful when you can make a little less effort than usual, but the results are as good as if you had gone all in? It’s not common you can do that — and of course, pizza cooking is no exception to that. In the few cases it can be done you have to make changes that allow it to happen in the first place. Here is a pizza dough recipe that can be done without having to knead it!

That said, this isn’t a quick recipe — after all, it’s dough made from scratch. You need to let it rest and grow. That’ll take hours, as usual. Still, it’s really worth it. A good pizza crust is an important part of a good pizza, and this recipe will deliver, have no doubts about it!

Tara Donne, at a website named Bon Appetit, created this recipe for your convenience. As the website name says: bon appetit! Read the recipe here!

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