No-Knead Potato Pizza

It seems no-knead bread — and therefore no-knead foods such as pizza crust — are a bit of a tendency in these times. They make baking bread easier. Using no-knead pizza dough is a good idea, but of course, you also will need a good toppings recipe. Here’s a potato pizza that goes well with the no-knead pizza dough.

The kind of potatoes that’s recommended here is any potato that’s golden-yellow in color, small, preferably spherical. The Yukon gold potatoes are a well-known variety, but those aren’t the only ones with that description that fit the bill. Using black potatoes or any other kind of potato may not have the same results. Keep that in mind! Other than that, it’s also important to slice them thinly, as it’s customary in any potato pizza recipe.

David Lebovitz, talented chef, authored this recipe, providing both the no-knead dough and the potato pizza recipe. Read it right here!

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