Plum, Mascarpone and Streusel Pizza

What a good pizza! This is a recipe with some unusual ingredients. What other recipe out there uses mascarpone cheese? Usually ricotta is used when this kind of cheese is needed, mascarpone doesn’t tend to be the choice. There also are plums on this pizza! A sweet touch! Overall you could say this is a plum pizza.

It also has streusel, just like the title says. Streusel is a traditional German mixture used in baking. Cakes, breads, and other similar foods can have streusel on it. It’s not something you tend to see on pizza, yet here we are! Overall many could say this is a pizza that’s made with both techniques and ingredients that are usually used in baking, and that wouldn’t be too inaccurate. The blog this comes from specializes in baking, after all!

The recipe will teach you how to make pizza dough yourself, but be warned: the complete recipe will take two days. If you have premade dough it won’t take nearly as long, just assembling the pizza and baking it will take half an hour. Everything will be just fine!

The recipe is right here, in Tartelette!