Puff Pizza Pies

Making small pizzas is almost an art. You have to use your ingredients wisely so every pizza is just as good as any normal-sized pizza with the same ingredients. Thankfully, it’s easy as long as you have the right recipes! And this one is different than most, for one obvious reason: the dough it uses. It’s time to make puff pizza pies!

As mentioned, the puff pastry is what defines this recipe. You have to cut each individual pizza with a bowl and put the ingredients on each one. The end result…is actually pretty great! The puff pastry, well, puffs up until it gives your meal a fluffy, pleasing appearance. This is the kind of recipe that looks great, so much you almost feel bad for biting into it.

Clochette at Tin and Thyme obtained this recipe from a recipe book called ‘Living on the Veg‘. You can find her experiences with this book and the recipe right here.