Smoke Shack Cheeseburger Pizza

When you hear the words ‘cheeseburger pizza’ it’s possible your first reaction is of disbelief. Is that possible? And if it’s possible, can it be good? The answer to both questions is ‘yes!’ A very enthusiastic yes, in fact. This recipe proves it!

It won’t come as a surprise that the main ingredients of cheeseburger pizza is, well, cheese and beef. Those aren’t the only ingredients, though. Just like any good burger or any good pizza, there are other ingredients that will give it a nice, savory flavor. Bacon, pickles, a couple sauces…frankly, this may be one of our favorite recipes. You just have to give it a try!

You can find the recipe over here at How Sweet Eats. Click this link to read the recipe and give it a try someday!