Vegetarian Sausage Skillet Pizza

Making pizzas with a skillet is quite practical! The shape of the skillet holds the dough and helps cook the bottom of the crust evenly and neatly. And now here we have a sausage skillet pizza, for you to experience how it’s like to cook your meal in one of these instead of on a baking sheet.

Although the title says ‘vegetarian sausage’, feel free to use meat sausage in this recipe! Regardless of what kind of sausage you choose to use, this pizza will be a delight to eat. The combination of onions and mushrooms goes great with the sausage, and the thyme stitches everything together really well. This is the kind of pizza you have dinner with, the kind that will turn a normal night into something special!

Kate at Veggie Desserts created this recipe, and you can read it right here!